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A day spent with #DoAction, #TeamAwesome

The NGO world doesn’t often collide with that of web designers, coders, social media experts and content specialists. It’s like sitting at a dinner table and everyone around you speaks a completely different language.  The difference with this dinner table; we didn’t need to speak the same language, just believe in the same cause.

We headed to The Bandwidth Barn on Saturday 23 August with a hop in our step and a song in our heart . Care Career Connect had been approached by WordPress Cape Town, to be one of the non-profit organisations to take part in a special challenge. The challenge: They had brought together teams. (The kind of specialists that NGOs can rarely afford and would never dream of approaching.) These teams had a few hours to design, write, develop and write a brand new website for us. All of this based on a quick 15 minute briefing session that morning.

The result: Well, you’re looking at it.

It’s a Saturday we won’t quickly forget. From G battling to design a logo, to us trying to talk tech with the coders. It’s been a fantastic experience and thanks to everyone involved.